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How to assemble : (5x10 FT and 6x12 FT)
1. Locate the space for the snooker table.
2. Assemble the snooker table by follow the numbers given, step by step.
3. Use the hand-level or leveling instrument to align the structure balance. Put some supporter beneath the table leg, if needed.
4. Place the Granite/slate pieces in correct position of tabletop.
5. Use the hand-level or leveling instrument to adjust the balance of the slate pieces, and put supporter beneath the slate pieces for correct balance.
6. Patching each Granite/slate surface connecting edge with our patching compound and rub finish with the sand paper.
7. Clean the slate surface thoroughly, then cover it with felt sheet.
8. How to cover the Granite/slate pieces with felt sheet.
8.1 Apply gun tacker at two middle holes of the table first.
8.2 Then staple all four corner holes.
8.3 Follow by staple two side-holes.
8.4 Complete with staple two, head and tail holes.
9. Fix for side-cushing and put middle holes brass curves.
10. Put four brass-curve on corners and fix two cushings, upper and lower.
11. Fix ball receiving basket, rails and cover the brass curves with leather.
12. Make a cross straight line, 60 cm from lower cushings, with semi-circle of 30 cm radius.

The black point is 30 cm away from the upper cushings.
The pink point is on the crossing point of diagonal line of upper hole and middle hole.


- The assembler of the snooker table should be a carpenter.
- Take special care on straighting the felt sheet, and use reasonable force.
- Strictly no tools or any sharp instrument placing on the felt sheet.
- Minimum assemblers of four persons are needed.
- When adjust the snooker tables balance, a jack should be used to raise the stable structure.


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